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Research Methods per Objectives

Group interview is the most popular type of Qualitative research. Apart from Group interviews, methods below could be flexibly arranged on respondent numbers or venues based on the research objective.

Group Interview

An interview held in style of a round table discussion with one Moderator for several respondents. A group consists normally of five to six, and more than two groups will be interviewed. Also possible to have a mini group interview with three or few respondents.

1-on-1 Interview (Depth Interview)

One moderator will interview one respondent. This method is effective when conducting close analysis of each respondent, normally over 5 people.

Shop Along (Mystery Shopper)

Moderators will shop together with respondents, in order to analyze shopping trends such as what people look for while shopping, or how products are chosen.

Home Visit

Interviews will take place at respondents' homes. Effective in actually confirming the daily lives of respondents, how products are used and their insights thoughts towards this use. Home visit also enables to grasp the respondent' sense of values by observing their living environment.

Feel free to consult CBR for the best method for your research.

Group Interview
1-on-1 Interview
Home Used & Group Interview
Shop Along
Home Visit
Follow up Interview on Quantitative research
Idea Screening Testing
Concept Testing
◎ *
TV Commercial Testing
Name Testing
Price Flexibility Testing
Design Testing
Package Testing
Package Shelf Testing
Product Testing
(Trial, Food and Beverage Sampling, etc.)
ConceptProduct Testing
(Trial, Food and Beverage Sampling, etc.)
Fragrance Testing
Investigation on Actual Status
Basic Survey
Efficacy of Distribution/Promotion
Customer Satisfaction Survey
Usability Survey

( ◎ Ideal / ○ Sufficient / △ Possible)

* In cases when there is lack of respondents and Quantitative research becomes difficult.

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