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Company Name Consumer Behavior Research Co., Ltd.
Business Objectives (1) Market research, and other general statistical research
(2) Consumer research such as product testing, package testing, TV commercial testing, and sales testing
(3) Leasing of Conference halls
(4) Other statistical research related service
Capital 10,000,000 JPY
Establishment June 19, 1980
Board Members President    Naoaki Yamada (Member of ESOMAR)
Vice President    Taishi Yoshida
Board Member    Takuhiro Gouda
Head Office Sawada Bldg. 2F,Shinjuku 1-15-9
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo JAPAN 160-0022  [MAP]
TEL/FAX TEL  +81-3-5366-5266  /  FAX  +81-3-5366-5269
Affiliation Japan Marketing Research Association (JMRA)
Transfer Agent Mizuho Bank  Shibuya Chuo Branch

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