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Overview of Qualitative research

interview roomWhat exactly is a "Qualitative research"?

Quantitative research analyzes statistical figures obtained from multiple-choice questions, such as questions that simply ask for numbers on how many approve of a product, or the percentage of consumers with buying intentions. On the other hand, Qualitative research conducts interviews, and taps into the insights and intentions of a respondent, and analyzes his /her speech and behavior.

Let's say a product sells well for its valued "delicious." However we are unable to identify the characteristic of "delicious" this product has with a mere Quantitative research. Some may feel something spicy to be "delicious" while others may rather consider something sweet as "delicious."

Qualitative research goes one step further to understand what is considered delicious by the respondent, by asking questions such as why the person considers something sweet as delicious, or what kind of spiciness or sweetness it is comparing with, to finally discover the true intentions and potential needs of the respondent.

What can be done with at Qualitative research?


Adding or changing questionnaires based on respondent's reactions.
While most Quantitative research only allow questions that have been prepared beforehand, questions could be changed flexibly during an interview of a Qualitative research.



Enables to discover the thoughts and feelings behind each response that is unable to be obtained through Quantitative research.



Round-table discussion style interviews could bring out new findings based on communication with others. Listening to other opinions help at times to realize or clarify thoughts. These findings are rarely found in Quantitative research, while this happens often during Qualitative research.



Able to confirm live reactions of respondents such as non-verbal expressions or gestures from Viewing Rooms.


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