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Rich Achievements on Domestic Consumer Market Research

CBR has been conducting highly accurate consumer research and analysis for over the past quarter century. Quantitative research such as home visit research, CLT, store research, or telephone and mail research, or Qualitative research such as group interviews, 1-on-1 interviews, home visits, and shop alongs have all been put into practice.

CBR’s ability to tailor each request to a higher and efficient quality research based on expertise and know-how has been much appreciated by many of our clients. We have also implemented numerous product development research for some brands that have now become one of the greatest market leaders.

Excelling in CLT and Qualitative research

CBR’s core competencies are CLT and Qualitative research.

CLT is held in five of our company owned private halls located in Tokyo, and along with utilizing rental halls, we test over 60,000 individuals annually. Various methods of consumer research are conducted, such as concept testing, TV commercial testing, product testing (food and beverage sampling included) , package testing, and shelf testing.

Qualitative research is held in the private interview room located in the headquarter. Exclusive moderators and researchers will arrange every step from organization of interview flows, recruiting, interviewing, analyzing and presenting based on clients’ aims and needs. Boasting excellent recruitment ability, we will find ideal respondents as swiftly as possible in order to embark on the actual research.

With the teamwork of Quantitative research and Qualitative research team, series of testing such as quality follow up after Quantitative research, hypothesis formulation from Qualitative research and investigation through Quantitative research could all be implemented successfully.

Flexible Arrangement

Apart from CLT or Qualitative research, store research, Web, telephone and mail research could also be planned and arranged with our expertise and know-how.

Sales of Beverage Research Data

At CBR, we have been collecting research data of beverage consumption for over 20 years for beverage companies or restaurants. Data includes all details on when, where, and what beverage an individual drank during one week. The research has been conducted on a fixed number of respondents for each season, making it possible to grasp seasonal trends and foresee future needs. Data is sold at reasonable prices based on clients’ budget.

Quality of Research

CBR is a member of Japan Marketing Research Association (JMRA) and conducts fair marketing research by respecting international and domestic criterions. In order to ensure the highest quality data at a faster speed and lower cost, we implement research based on the best plans.

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