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Central Location Test (CLT)

CBR's core competency, Central Location Test is held in the heart of Japan's market, Tokyo (Shinjuku, Shibuya, Kichijoji). Around 60,000 individuals are tested annually in four of our corporate halls and rental halls in both Tokyo and Osaka.

Our corporate halls are especially recommended for clients wishing to cut back on costs and time on research. Utilizing CBR's extensive know-how, various types of CLTs could be conducted such as concept testing, TV commercial testing, product testing, package testing, shelf testing and fragrance testing.

Well experienced in large-scale testing, tests could be conducted with 5,000 to 10,000 respondents.

定量調査 会場調査(CLT)* Surveys requiring Internet connection, electrical appliances, food and beverage sampling, cooking, and fragrance testing are also possible.
* From new product development to review on existing products, best research methods will be planned and proposed based on numerous case studies and expertises of CBR.
* Survey results will be obtained quickly and with less cost, as respondents will be chosen among pedestrians, and interviewed at monitoring rooms.
* Trends can be analyzed by fixed point observations done at our halls in Tokyo (Shinjuku,Shibuya,Kichijoji).
* CBR employees will observe the behaviour of respondents and interviewers to ensure accurate results in every research project.

Shibuya Center Gai Monitoring Room

This monitoring room is located at the famous Center Gai shopping street, adjacent to the famous scramble crossing in front of JR Hachiko exit in Shibuya, the heart of Japanese cultural trends.  Located just a minute walk from Shibuya station, the Center Gai is filled with young fashion conscious consumers coming from many regions.  Research could be conducted effectively owing to the fact that this area never lacks pedestrians.
Shibuya Center Gai monitoring room enables various types of research with its depth interview rooms, bright lighting, mini kitchen, strong ventilation system, 200V electric outlet and gas.

A combination of concept package testing, product testing and depth interviews could be held.

Center of young trends and fashion
会場調査(CLT) 渋谷センター街モニタールーム会場調査(CLT) 渋谷センター街モニタールーム

Bright laboratory style research rooms, inverter lighting and spotlights
会場調査(CLT) 渋谷センター街モニタールーム

Depth interview rooms, and research room observed through magic mirrors
会場調査(CLT) 渋谷センター街モニタールーム会場調査(CLT) 渋谷センター街モニタールーム

Rooms with mini kitchen available for food sampling
会場調査(CLT) 渋谷センター街モニタールーム会場調査(CLT) 渋谷センター街モニタールーム

200v electric outlet, gas, and electromagnetic stove available
会場調査(CLT) 渋谷センター街モニタールーム

Efficient ventillation using sirocco fan
会場調査(CLT) 渋谷センター街モニタールーム

SHINJUKU Monitoring Room

3 minutes walk from Shinjuku Station West Exit.
This is one of the most crowded areas in Shinjuku, and it is possible to catch a wide range of people of all ages, full of people on both weekdays and holidays.
Since the sink, refrigerator and freezer are installed in the room, product testing including tasting can be easily handled. The new and bright research hall is also suitable for package tests using shelves.
会場調査(CLT) 新宿モニタールーム

Clean and bright research room 
会場調査(CLT) 新宿モニタールーム

Package test using shelves                      Kitchen 会場調査(CLT) 新宿モニタールーム    会場調査(CLT) 新宿モニタールーム

Kichijoji Monitoring Room

Consumer monitoring room in Kichijoji is located 30minutes from Tokyo Station, and 17minutes from Shinjuku/Shibuya station, enabling easy access for all clients. With four major department stores, Kichijoji is the second largest shopping area along the Chuo-line after Shinjuku, resulting in a high concentration of consumers.  Though Kichijoji is reputed to be an area with relatively young consumers, the actual consumers come from a wide variety of generations.  Adjacent to high residential areas, it enables easy selection of respondents of various attributes. Thanks to the arcaded main street,the area is always bustling with pedestrians even on a rainy day.
会場調査(CLT) 吉祥寺モニタールーム会場調査(CLT) 吉祥寺モニタールーム

Shinjuku Headquarter Monitoring Room

Boasting good access from neighboring prefectures not to mention all areas of Tokyo, this monitoring room located in the company headquarter in Shinjuku-Gyoen,Tokyo is the ideal place to hold large scale research for pre-recruiting respondents. Located within the headquarter, it enables various requests such as last minute adjustments on printed materials or research needing Internet connections.  Depth interviews could also be simultaneously conducted using interview rooms for qualitative research.

Facilities and Equipments

  • Basic cooking utensils and tablewares for food sampling tests
  • Microwave for precooked food sampling tests
  • Refrigerators and freezers to keep food and beverage at ideal temperatures
  • TV and VTR to play TV Commercials
  • Shelves for package testing
  • Internet connection

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