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CBR Consumer Research The Ideal Research and Analysis for Consumer Trends and Insights 
CBR provides the Key to the Next Stage
Needing assistance with your first research? Wishing for proposals based on full understanding of your company? Unsatisfied with the quality of your current research company?
CBR presents you with marketing research plans that helps you reach goals and solve challenges, based on common understanding of business needs and marketing challenges. By planning the best research, analyzing and proposing based on thoroughly compiled information, we answer to our clients' different business needs.
Based on our know-how developed over the past 40 years, various methods of Quantitative research such as CLT, Internet ,or home visit, telephone and mail research, Qualitative research such as focus interviews, 1-on-1 interviews, home visit, or shop alongs are tailored to each and every client and implemented with the best plan possible.

Compiled answers obtained from high quality research will be carefully analyzed from all perspectives. Reports and presentations will also be provided to you as a supporting tool to overcome numerous challenges you face.

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